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Candidates to enter the EAP / Candidats à rejoindre le circuit EAP

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The EAP circuit is looking for new organizers in 2017 /
Le circuit EAP recherche de nouveaux organisateurs pour 2017

Would you be intersted in joining the EAP circuit with your meeting indoor, outdoor, combined event, youth meet, ... ?
Seriez-vous candidat à l’organisation de meetings indoor ou outdoor, meeting d’épreuve multiples, meeting pour jeunes, ... ?

-  If you think that your organization meets the EAP criteria and principles, then do not hesitate to contact the Internal Control Commission or fill the contact form, specially if your meet is located in an European country that is not yet represented by the EAP.
-  Please go to our BECOME A MEMBER section where you can find all necessary guidelines to prepare your EAP application.

  1. Merci de vous rendre à notre section DEVENIR MEMBRE qui vous donne toutes les indications pour préparer correctement votre dossier de candidature.

N.B.: The participation in the annual congress is mandatory for all members and candidates.
[La participation au Congrès annuel est obligatoire pour tous les membres et les candidats.

Deadline for the application to the 2017 circuit, is TUESDAY 18 OCTOBER 2016 !
Le délai de remise des candidatures, pour un meeting en 2017, est le MARDI 18 OCTOBRE 2016 !

Appliants’ list for 2017 circuit/ Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2017

Meeting / CountryContactLocationType of meetingprovisional Date provisoire in 2017Links
Belgium - 104 bytes

Hoboken (Anvers) /Belgium
Leo Dheu
T: +32 489 189 419
Hoboken (Antwerp) Indoor: Sprint & Hurdles 19.02.2017 n.c.

Want to know more about the 2016 Congress itself ? / Envie d’en savoir plus sur l’organisation du congrès 2016 ?
-  Check the programme and participation’s conditions to the 26th EAP Congress in Amsterdam from 4 to 6 November 2016

To learn more about the members/ Voulez-vous en savoir plus sur nos membres:
-  The list of the actual members

-  The complete list of the meetings, since the creation of the EAP

Archive of the past application’s requests / Archives des anciennes demandes:

Appliants’ list for 2016 circuit/ Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2016

Meeting / CountryContactLocationType of meetingprovisional Date provisoire in 2016Links
Denmark - 244 bytes

"2nd Aarhus Nordic Challenge"
Mr Mikkel Larsen
meeting director
T: +45 28 22 64 75
"Aarhus Nordic Challenge"
Club: Aarhus 1900
Aarhus CERES Park & Arena
Observatoriestien 1
DK - 8000 Aarhus C
1-day event with 6-10 international events in "prime-time" plus 6-12 national event - and besides as many other competitions as possible in the morning etc. for children in order to make lots of activity on the stadium.
June 25th 2016www.emacs2017.com (old site) and 2017 European Master Championships. website
The Netherlands - 127 bytes
The Netherlands

"Amsterdam Open indoor"
Mrs Amelie Mabutt
Meeting Director
Phanos Track Club
Olympisch Stadion 1
NED - 1076 Amsterdam
T. +31 20-671 60 86
indoor2016 or 2017 www.phanos.org

Appliants’ list for 2015 circuit/ Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2015

Meeting / CountryContactLocationType of meetingprovisional Date provisoire in 2015
Ireland - 265 bytes

"-- "
Mrs Jenni Robinson
Admin & Events Manager
Athletics House, Old Coach Rd, Belfast, BT9 5PR
T: 028 9060 6960/07841 804 031]
France - 104 bytes

Mr Quentin WILLEMS
Ligue d’Athlétisme Rhône-Alpes
T: +33 6 88 65 19 60
31 avenue d’Italie
F - 38300 Bourgoin-Jallieu
France (n.a.) -- n.c.
Belgium - 104 bytes

"Fête du sprint" (60m + 60m hurdles)
Benoît Cheval
Dour Sports
T: +32 47446 81 10
Dourindoor 7 Februray 2015
Croatia - 3.4 kb

n.c. (cf. Mrs Timea Teglassy n.c. outdoor n.c.

Appliants’ list for 2014 circuit/ Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2014

Meeting / CountryContactLocationType of meetingprovisional Date provisoire in 2014
Ireland - 265 bytes

"Athlone IT Indoor "
Mr Dermot McDermott
AIT Athletics
T: +353 87 9243661
Mr Brian Nevin
Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)
Sun. 16/ Mon. 17 February 2014
Great Britain - 1 kb
Great Britain

"Gateshead Vault"
Mr Richard Hunter / Chris Boundy
Team Decathlon in partnership with the North East Pole Vault Academy.
Athlone Institute of Technology (AIT)
Men: PV
Women: PV
XX March 2014
Great Britain - 1 kb
Great Britain

"Hull Athletics Festival Day"
Mr John Brant
Costello Stadium,
UK - Hull
Kingston-Upon-Hull Outdoor
Men-100m,200m.400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m 110mh,400mh hj, pv,lj.tj.sp.dt, ht.jt
Women-100m,200m.400m, 800m, 1500m, 3000m 100mh,400mh hj, pv,lj.tj.sp.dt, ht.jt
Sat. 17 May 2014
Great Britain - 1 kb
Great Britain

"Lee Valley Athletics Centre"
Mr David Rice / Mrs Julie Longden
41 Valeside
UK - Hertford SG14 2AS
T: +44 1992 558957
Lee Valley Outdoor XXX 2014
Portugal - 984 bytes

"Meeting Internacional de Leiria"
Paulo Reis
Club Juventude Vidigalense
t: + 351 912727166 / 961701645
Arrabalde d’Aquém
POR - 2400-137 Leiria
Leiria Outdoor
Men: 100m, 400m, 1500m, 110m H, HJ, LJ, TJ, PV, JT, HT, 3000m Steetplechase
Women: 100m, 400m, 100m H, HJ, LJ, DT, HT, 3000m Steetplechase
Sat. 7 June 2014
Serbia - 2.9 kb

"Novi Sad Open"
Ferenc Kamasi / Stevan Zoric
Stadium "Karađorđe"
Athletic Club "Vojvodina"
Novi Sad Outdoor
Men: 100m, 400m, 800m, 400mh, LJ, HJ, SP, JT
Women: 100m, 400m, 1500m, 100mh,
Sat. 12 or 19th July 2014

Appliants’ list for 2013 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2013

Meeting / PaysContactLieuType de meetingDate provisoire en 2013
Latvia - 714 bytes

"Kuldiga Katherina Cup"
Latvian Athletic Association + Mrs Ieva Zunda
T +371 28382882
Riga Indoor samedi 19 janvier 2013
Belgium - 104 bytes

"4e IFAM Oordegem"
M. Kim Barbé
Oordegem Outdoor (26 mai 2012)
Latvia - 714 bytes

"Riga Cup"
Latvian Athletic Association + Mrs Ieva Zunda
T +371 28382882
Riga Outdoor jeudi 30 mai 2013
France - 104 bytes

9e Meeting international de Balma
Président du CA BALMA Athlétisme
Tél.: +33 615 08 06 26
Balma Outdoor (9 juin 2012)
Hungary - 372 bytes

Mr László SÁTOR
General secretary
Budapest Athletics Federation
Budapest Outdoor (15 ou 16 juin 2013)
France - 104 bytes

Valence / France
M. Nicolas Doumeng Valence Outdoor 2nd half of June 2013

Appliants’ list for 2012 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2012

Meeting / PaysContactDisciplinesDate provisoire en 2012
Viareggio / ITALY prof. Francesco Mottola

Appliants’ list for 2011 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2011

Meeting / PaysContactDisciplinesDate provisoire en 2011
Great Britain - 1 kb
Great Britain

Showtime Super Series - UK
Ali Abed-Ali and Junior Ejehu60m, 200m, 300m, 400m23th February 2011
Belgium - 104 bytes

FC International meeting Braaschaat (Be)
Atletiek Club Break (ACBR)
Femmes :
100 , 200 , 800 , 1500 , 5000 , 100H , 400H , HJ , LJ , DT
Hommes :
200 , 400 , 800 , 1500 , 3000 , 10000, 110H , PV , LJ , DT
n.c. 2011
(11 July 2010)
Italy - 104 bytes

Meeting Nazionale Sandro Calvesi - Saint Christophe / ITA
Club Atletica Sandro Calvesi, Eddy Ottoz, Lyana CalvesiSprint, Hurdles, LJ, PV, all youth and adult categoriesnc 2011
(2010: Sat. 3 July)

Appliants’ list for 2010 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2010

Meeting / PaysContactDisciplinesDate provisoire en 2010
Great Britain - 1 kb
Great Britain

Gateshead International Games
 Richard Hunter100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, W-HJ, W-PV, W-LJ, M-SP, M-DT, M-JT29th August 2010

Appliants’ list for 2009 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2009

Meeting / PaysContactLienDate provisoire en 2009
Pfingstsportfest (D)TSV Tempelhof-Mariendorf e.V. (D)
Ringbahnstr. 67
D-12099 Berlin
www.tsvtm.de n.c. 2009

Appliants’ list for 2008 or 2009 / Liste des candidats à rejoindre le circuit en 2008 ou 2009

Meeting / PaysContactLienDate provisoire en 2008
Papendal Games (NL)Marcel FEKKES
athletes manager Papendal Games
mobile: 0031 647386092
fax: 0031 847237832
4 juin 2008
Grand Prix Usti nad Labem (CR)Mgr.Miroslav Vachuta
Meeting Director
www.vachuta.comn.c. 2008
(9 August 2998)
International meeting Braaschaat (Be)Atletiek Club Break (ACBR)
www.acbreak.ben.c. 2008
(21 July 2007)
Int. Meeting of Combined Events - Hexham (GBR)Mr. Richard Hunter
Meeting director
Regional Manager
England Athletics - North East Region
Regional Athletics Centre
Neilson Road
NE10 0EF
Tel: 0191 420 0553
Mobile: 07968 498 702
n.c. 2008
(21st-22nd July 2007)

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