EAP circuit of international meetings in Europe, devoted to athletes and athletics since 1990 The EAP contributes to fight against doping, drugs and tobacco within sports
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The EAP circuit distinguish itself by its attachment, since its creation in 1990, to values that are the fundaments of our sport.

A common Code of Conduct defining uniform core values for all of the EAP members and all the participants to our meets.

EAP Members and all participants (EAP members or not) to our meets adhere to the EAP Code of conduct.

Please downlaod here below (in PDF format) the:
-  Code of Conduct 2016
-  Violation reporting form

This code applies to all participating EAP member clubs and their representatives, including EAP delegates, coaches, and individual athletes. It is mandatory for individual athletes to read, understand, and agree to abide by the Athlete Statement and Code of Conduct in order to be eligible for EAP competitions.

The most expeditious manner of signing the agreement is to electronically sign, as part of the pre-registration process required by all EAP meetings. Should an athlete fail to complete a pre-registration form, they may instead download and print the Code of Conduct from the EAP’s website, read and sign it, and bring the signed form with them to the EAP competition.

Instances of violation of the EAP Code of Conduct shall be reported 1) to the advisory board of the sponsor club of the offending athlete or athletes and 2) to the EAP Internal Control Commission. Reports of violation shall be submitted using the EAP Code of Conduct Violation Reporting Form. This document is located on the EAP’s website and may be filled out electronically and sent to the EAP Executive Board for review. The sponsor club of the offending athlete or athletes is ultimately responsible for determining appropriate disciplinary action and providing evidence to the EAP Executive Board that disciplinary action was taken.

I. Athlete Statement

I believe that the true essence of athletics is to strive for personal achievement and excellence through full and honest effort. I am committed to participating in athletics with integrity, and to striving to win only by legitimate means. I pledge to learn, understand, and adhere to both the written IAAF rules of athletics and the accepted rules of fair play. I believe that violence and physical intimidation are harmful to the promotion of athletics, and I refuse to use such tactics in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage. I understand that officials, teammates, and opponents are all integral to athletics and worthy of my respect. It is my responsibility to maintain self-control. I will accept officials’ decisions without arguments, compete aggressively but without hostility, and behave graciously in triumph or defeat.

II. Code of Conduct

a. Respect for others:
• I agree to act with respect toward all those I come into contact with through athletics. This means I refrain from comments or behaviours which are abusive, offensive, racist,
sexist, or otherwise belittling or demeaning to others.
• I do not harass or tolerate harassment by others.
• I respect others as persons and treat them with dignity.
• I respect the privacy of others.
• I do not endanger the safety of others through my actions.
• As a guest of the hosting organization, I understand that these behavioural standards apply to all areas and spaces where athletes comingle, including competition areas, hotel, and transportation.

b. Respect for Property:

• I respect the property of my fellow athletes and any property provided by the Organizers to facilitate the competition, including but not limited to competition areas, hotel, and transportation.

c. Respect for self:

• I act with fairness and integrity in the pursuit of excellent athletics.
• I practice drug-free athletics and accept doping control.
• I avoid the abuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

d. Respect for athletics/EAP anti-doping policy:

I understand that the EAP does not tolerate doping in any form, and adheres to the IAAF policies for drug-testing and reporting. The EAP, including all delegate members and associations, as well as all participating athletes and athlete support personnel, are expected to compete in the spirit of clean athletics by abiding by IAAF Anti-Doping Rules and Regulations.

In order to be eligible to compete or participate in an EAP event, I understand that all athletes must sign an agreement that indicates familiarity with and willingness to abide by EAP doping regulations.

e. Respect for EAP Image

• I will have respect for the Image of the EAP circuit in its pursuit of promoting fair play and integrity in athletics and I will respect the EAP name and logos in promoting these values.
• I respect that the use of the EAP name and logo cannot be associated with competitions or initiatives outside of the EAP circuit, unless permission for such use has been sought from and granted by the EAP organization.


I have read and agree to abide by the EAP Code of Conduct. I understand that violation of any part of this agreement may result in disciplinary actions on the part of my sponsoring organization and/or the EAP.

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- PDF - 117.2 kb
-  Violation reporting form - PDF - 131.7 kb
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